Thirjung 12 HERSally Thirjung - Canton, MI

Starting to do shows over 20 years ago, SALLY THIRJUNG started with a friend who was a beautiful painter.  Sally would always buy her things at craft shows that she visited and “one day, she asked me to take classes and learn to paint,” relates Sally. 

She then began to accumulate work and started doing shows.  “My best selling item is windows and children’s furniture,” she continues.  She has a special customer that follows her and enjoys and buys her product and one day, she said, “how about taking some painting classes?”  Today this friend is a beautiful painter and a good friend to Sally. 

Sally continues the painting tradition and as she continues to pursue unique designs and media to paint on, her booth is always and exciting display to visit.  Whether holiday or a functional piece for your home or as a gift, everyone enjoys meeting Sally and visiting her booth.