Carolyn Harrington - Sterling Heights, Mi

At the age of four, under the tutelage of a very patient mother and grandmother, the love of anything with fabric, yarn and embroidery thread began. From accounting in the “real” workplace, to commercial computerized embroidery, to art fairs, this love has continued to grow and evolve as fashion styles change. Currently, techniques include re-structured and embellished women’s apparel and hand-crafted accessories including scarves, shrugs and hand-crocheted fiber necklaces.

Embellishments range from hand-crocheted pockets to appliqued and/or embroidered designs. From show to show and season to season, designs and embellishments are ever-changing depending upon fashion styles and colors and a particular season. Sometimes a design is created by working backwards . . . a thrift shop garment made from a beautiful fabric that would make a perfect applique on “something”.

Sometimes, an unusual yarn is found at a garage sale and “must” be purchased for later use. Most notable new embellishments are hand-crafted buttons, all original designs, made from polymer clay. They include custom-mixed colors to reflect different color pattern designs and then embossed using anything from a standard rubber stamp, to found objects, such as a leaf or stone, giving the buttons unusual 3-D designs and textures.

The reward of being an artwear designer comes when the line of apparel and accessories for a show, all comes together to make an eye-catching venue for customers. Apparel is a very personal purchase . . . and when you have such loyal customers who become extended friends and families, and continue to support you over the years . . . it only reinforces the love of all things fiber.