Brian DeWeerdBrian and Lori DeWeerd - HUDSONVILLE, MI

BRIAN and LORI DEWEERD have over 25 years of experience in woodworking - specializing in oak furniture although they work with any species of wood. Having started as a “time filler” for Brian when he was healing from surgery and Lori learning woodworking skills in order to remove some of the workload from Brian, their expertise continues today as their business includes custom pieces or special need projects for a piece of furniture. Function...Form...Beauty and Purpose is used as the foundation in their design process. These finished pieces include shelves, benches, quilt racks, calendar holders, tables and more and are designed to add elegance to any room decor, but yet is functional for the owner. “We want our product to last a ‘life-time,” Brian states, “and possibly hand it down to the next generation.” Maintaining the highest craftsmanship, they also take pride in the selection of woods used, the time-consuming finishing process, and the techniques used to assemble the product. Each item in their product line is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, they enjoy conversing with customers and can make any piece to custom size and shape. Their calendar holders are the best sellers, but Brian and Lori are continuously working on additional table designs, trash bins and CD/DVD cabinets for the shows. They treasure the comments they hear like “we have had the piece for years and it still is as good as new.” Come talk with them, bring your ideas and together you can design items that will be a lasting piece in your home.