Kelly005Wendy Kelly - COMMERCE, MI

Wendy started her crafting career, after retiring from a teaching career of 27 years. She first started in the floral design genre, and she always wore clothing to her shows that she personally embellished with crystals. Customers were always inquiring about were to purchase her clothing. So after two years, she changed her crafting to women’s clothing, and the response has been overwhelming. She continues to add new lines to her collection, each year. The last two popular additions have been her shimbori dyed tees, which are embellished with crystals, and her new spring blouse collection. Visit her at the Slaine show and see the variety of tees and blouses.

Having a career in crafting is so rewarding. Wendy has met some really wonderful customers over the years, who return every season to see her new collection. One special customer is Pat. She arrives every year with a beaming smile and wonderful stories. Pat owns almost every shirt that Wendy has made. Pat and many other customers have become great friends, and that’s why having a career in crafting is so fulfilling.

Wendy Kelly Crafts