Wendy Kelly - COMMERCE Township, MI

Wendy Kelly Designs is the result of the creative side of Wendy Kelly.  Wendy, a retired school teacher in Michigan, uses her design talents and trend conceptions to make a line of fashionable and easy to wear women's clothing. 

Wendy's career in the craft arena started in 2001 and after a few trials, she settled on women's clothing.  She saw that many women could not find the classy and fashionable clothing attire at the box stores and the shoppers did not get any personal attention at these stores.  Wendy is available at the shows, helping with size, color and making recommendations for any event that requires something special.  Quality is emphasized in each garment and each design and Wendy guarantees her work.  The next fashion statement is just a week away in most cases as Wendy offers new items and designs at each new show.  

Wendy always has a variety of sizes, colors, designs and fabrics at each show; her supply of PLUS SIZES  has been a significant benefit to her business and she has earned the reputation for the go to person for this segment of women.  Wendy says, "we have a wonderful customer base and many of them are like family and follow us around the craft circuit, knowing they will find something ideal for an event or for a friend".