jean schultz - Oxford, MI

Having four daughters, JEAN SCHULTZ began creating dolls over 25 years ago.  She soon started creating her own patterns and developed these dolls as gifts for friends and family.  Her whimsical Santas evolved and these continue to be her best sellers as each is unique with selected fabrics and distinctive embellishments.  Garage sales, antique and “repurpose” stores and unique materials from draperies and upholstery are her best source for her creative mind. Her business name, Whimsical Wishes, comes from these searches as she creates and envisions each Santa.  A local sheep farmer provides the wool for the Santa’s beards.  Her favorite customer story comes from an employer who wished to “be a bit whimsical” and gifted each of her employees with a “Jean Schultz Santa” one year---the whimsy came as she selected each Santa to match with the employee’s personality.  Enjoy a bit of whimsy yourself as you enter this special craft show booth.