Susan MatzkeHaving started beading with her daughters at Christmas in the 1990’s, SUSAN MATZKE continued to develop her crafting skills using this media.  She was employed as a shipping clerk and making the beaded ornaments provided a relaxing outlet.   From buying informational books to learning from an expert, Susan progressed and began purchasing a lot of beads.  As she mastered the art, she listened to her customer’s requests and encouraged their interaction to improve her skills.  “ Today I enjoy making lampshades.  It’s like a painter with a blank canvas whose only limitations are one’s own imagination,” Susan states.  She continues, “I envision the colors and design…Most shades I sew the beads right on the shade but in some cases, I have to sew on bias tape and glue this to the shade.  I then add trim where needed.”  Susan guarantees her workmanship, and if used properly, the shades provide a unique décor item for any home, office or room.