Linda Renner ArtistLinda Renner - Fort Wayne, IN

Working as a graphic artist with a degree in art, LINDA RENNER started dabbling in a variety of art mediums.  In fact, she claims there are few mediums she hasn’t explored.   Linda actually started with “Elmer’s Glue and white bread”, but polymer clay became the hottest medium to hit the market and Linda’s life.  This clay provided versatility, pliability and simplicity to work with and Linda designed it into sculpted figurines and her full-time profession in 1988.  It remains as her livelihood today.  Dog figurines and snowmen continue to be her best sellers, but Linda loves the change of seasons as it gives her a chance to transition into a new product line.  From fairy gardens to scene vignettes, Linda creates a variety of creative figures for any home decor.  Her favorite craft show experience resulted when a customer bought a small mailbox for her granddaughter’s fairy garden.  Leaving little gifts in the mailbox, the grandmother taught the child to write thank you notes to the fairy and to leave them in the mailbox for the next fairy visit.  Her clay figures even teach valuable lifetime lessons!  Participating in both shows annually, meet Linda at the next Saline show.