Lauren Ehrenfeld - 

Hobart, IN

With a job in the bridal couture industry and a degree in Fashion Design, LAUREN EHRENFELD started Lolo Doll as a fun and trendy boutique shopping arena for a doll.  Her emphasis has been on the American Girl® dolls as her cousin was requesting this for her birthday and Christmas presents.   Being a cottage industry and truly a family affair with her mother, best friend and grandparents, this unique line of cutting-edge fashions has produced clothing, and costumes for any 18” doll.  From selecting fabrics to designing, draping and cutting the patterns and then sewing, trimming and detailing each outfit with just the right accessory, Lauren declares that “fashion is our passion.” As the seasons change, so do their fashions.  Lauren loves the comment from one young lady who declared that their booth was the “Nordstrom’s” of doll clothes!