dawn Quick - FORT WAYNE, IN

DAWN QUICK considers herself a “costumer of mice, bunnies, and snowmen” and can turn them into anything.  Using “an old tin box, a bottle, a piece of rich antique lace, beadwork, or an outstanding piece of jewelry,” she hand sews wool blend felt and cotton batting into a variety of unique creatures.  Loving the feel of natural fabrics, Dawn sees vintage fabrics, laces,  beadwork, and vintage jewelry dress these one-of-a-kind characters.  Having learned from her mother and sewing clothes for her Barbies, Dawn now creates at this tiny scale and designs each critter unique and especially to upscale these repurposed items into a product that is guaranteed to delight.  Starting in 1988 doing craft shows, her critters continue to decorate her booth with a variety of special faces and bodies.