C.J. Brummeler - EAST TAWAS, MI

Having made costumes as a dance teacher, C.J. BRUMMELER now directs her energy to “snowpeople.” At both fall shows, she will display what she calls “her 3 year olds--- a little shy but at the same time, always bring a smile to your face.” Having always loved to create, CJ states, “I love the way they turn out. There are no two the same. I love it when they are done as they “tell” me their names.” All her snow people have names and are “related to each other---they are all cousins.” CJ relates “somewhere on their body is a patch—it is my signature which reminds me of Jo in ‘Little Women.” If you recall Jo had patches on her clothes but she was always sure of her personal worth---CJ states, “We all need a little “Jo” in our selves.” These snow people are 3’ free standing creatures with themed clothing---some even are “summerpeople.” But the moose is her most popular. One local congregation bought a moose for their minister and sat him in the front row for his “discovery” during the sermon. “He on the spot, changed his whole sermon to pertain to the moose being a visitor and companion, and thank the people for their generosity,” says CJ.