Ann Marie Fischer - FARMINGTON HILLS, MI

GIGGLES - Artist Ann Marie Fischer's work has been making people "Giggle" for over twenty years.  At an early age, Ann was always encouraged to create pieces of art, but the magic moment occurred when using polymer clay.  From there on, Ann has been creating clay figures to express her inner child and share that experience with others through her work.  Ann is a self-taught artist who desires each of her pieces to tell a story, bring to mind a special memory or evoke feelings of warmth, playfulness and love.  Each figure shares a similar design, but each possesses its own unique character.  Ann encourages others to step into her imagination and see the holidays through her eyes.  Some figures are planned out, while others are happy accidents, but each whimsical figure is meticulously reproduced by hand to bring a little "Giggle" into every day.