Pat Stone Bio PhotoWhile officially becoming a business in 2004, PAT STONE of Bell Stone Toffee and her daughter started doing craft shows with their toffee in 2014.  Her daughter was originally inspired by a newspaper article about a teenager starting businesses and Pat was always interested in having her own business. Remembering her grandmother’s toffee recipe, she started with neighbors and friends and placed orders for the holidays. It snowballed from there.  Today, they have expanded from chocolate to milk, dark and white chocolate varieties but the toffee has not changed. Just four simple ingredients – butter, sugar, chocolate, and pecans – come together to delight with a tender crunch!  New to their inventory has added Toffee Nut Crumbles! Their crumbles are mostly nuts that fall off when they break the toffee by hand, but there are little pieces of chocolate and toffee mixed in which makes a great topping for ice cream and an addition to baked goods.