Cunningham101 bioMary Cunningham - GLADWIN, MI

MARY CUNNINGHAM started sewing at age four when she borrowed a “real needle” from her mother to gather fabric scraps into doll tutus. Since then she has refined her skills but continues to sew, quilt and create with fabric starting to do craft shows in 1971. Mary’s current passions are patchwork and applique combined with free motion quilting made into many decorative and practical housewares such as table runners and centerpieces. “I love what I do, from the first pattern choice, or design sketch, through choosing fabric and color, cutting and sewing, and finishing with the careful handwork that I find soothing and satisfying,” relates Mary. Her designs and products are truly unique and offer her customers a beautifully constructed product and one that receives smiles and compliments. Customers will find her booth filled with seasonal and everyday items all uniquely coordinated using similar motif.