Conrad91_face0JOYCE CONRAD - Clinton, Mi

Having shared a booth with friends, JOYCE CONRAD started her crafting business in the 70’s and made a mallard duck door stop as her first. product.  Today she makes over 50 animal varieties including many that represent each species exactly and also some in collegiate colors.  “I love animals and I enjoy playing with the eyes and nose, and continue to experiment in placement until “they look back at me,” relates Joyce.  Customers say they look “happy or sad” which makes Joyce think about the day she made that one.  Each animal becomes a part of her.  One of her favorite stories was a man who bought a bear many years ago and uses it in his business.  He places it with an employee who is having a bad day in their office.  “And now he wants more for his company’s offices.”  Some bears are dressed, some animals have bows, but all of Joyce’s animals have their own personality built in.

Joyce Conrad Crafts