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WISD Countywide Communication and Resources

The Washtenaw Communication and Resources Action Team has developed an interactive summer flyer full of community resources. Two members of the SAS Administration serve on this committee - Saline Middle School Assistant Principal Alex Schukow and Woodland Meadows Principal Michelle Szczechowicz.  

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Summer Camps Open!

In-person programming for the community has opened through Saline Community Education.

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Saline Area Schools has compiled a resource page for our school and surround community. 

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Pleasant Ridge Elementary Mission Statement:

The staff of Pleasant Ridge Elementary School will guide all students in the development of an educational plan consistent with each student's individual talents, interests, and aspirations. We will provide a comprehensive education and counseling program that will prepare our students for whatever endeavors they pursue beyond high school. We pledge to provide all students with the knowledge, skills, and technological literacy necessary to become informed, productive citizens in the communities where they will live and work.  Our ultimate goal is for our students to become life-long learners.