Lost and Found

Students are welcome to come to the Main Office during regular business hours (M-Th: 7 AM-3:30 PM and Friday: 7 AM-3 PM) to look for lost items before/after school and/or during assigned lunch time.  

Other Lost and Found contacts:

Auditorium:  401-4214 
Athletic Office:  401-4212
Buildings/Grounds:  401-4523
Community Education:  401-4020
SHS Library:  401-4354
Natatorium/Pool Office: 401-4369

Student IDs

All students in grades 9-11 are required to have a picture taken in August during Schedule Pickup. There is no charge for the initial ID, however, a $5.00 fee will be charged per ID request thereafter. Seniors will not be photographed but will receive an ID utilizing last year's photo.


The Transportation Department provides bus service to the district. For complete information, call 734-401-4479.

Pick-up and Drop Off Areas

Please be reminded when driving your student to school, you may drop your student off at the northwest student parking lot, but not the east side bus loop.  Please do not use the front Visitor Loop as this is for medically fragile students.

Students riding district-provided bus transportation are dropped off in the designated bus-loop on the east side (near the auditorium).

Students driving to school must park in the designated student lots on the east side or the west side of the building.  Students MAY NOT park in the Visitor or Staff Lots.

In addition to these serious safety concerns, we must remind parents and students NOT to park at the curb by the west entrance.  In fact, critical safety issues have arisen with parents, in particular, who are parking at curbs in both directions along the west entrance drive.  This results in students and staff members exiting the west entrance between parked vehicles without having a visual of any entering and/or exiting vehicles.  Additionally, drivers have little or no response time when pedestrians are trying to cross the drive to get to their vehicles.  Curb-side parking impedes traffic flow in both directions.  Please be mindful as safety is our first priority.  Do not park on opposite side to cause this situation--use the lot or go to the end of the line please.

Student Driving/Parking Rules and Regulations 

Driving a vehicle to school is a privilege, not a right, and we trust that each student will be able to retain that privilege.  Failure to follow any of the following rules and regulations will result in a suspension of driving privileges for a minimum of one (1) week and the student’s vehicle may be towed.

Any student driving to school must display a current year parking tag (obtained from the High School MainOffice).  This tag can be secured for $65.00 and the student must present a valid driver's license and a copy of the vehicle registration of any vehicle(s) that s/he may drive to school.  Tags may be transferred to other family vehicles.  The tag must be displayed in the front windshield, hanging from the rear view mirror, of the vehicle.  Replacement tags are available for $35.00.  The parking tag is good for one (1) school year.  Vehicles without tags or vehicles parked in unauthorized areas (staff or visitor’s parking) may be towed away at the owner’s expense.  The school maintains the right to revoke any driving privilege if a student’s action appears detrimental to academic progress or to the safety of others.

Parking tags will remain $65.00 for the school year however, if a student purchases a parking tag on or after February 1, the cost will be $35.00.  

Parking in assigned areas must be in appropriate rows as designated by the flow of traffic.

Saline and Pittsfield Police Department will report student traffic violations to Saline High School in order to support safe driving.  SHS will issue a written warning for a first offense and a parking privilege suspension will occur for second and subsequent offenses. Reckless or careless driving on school grounds is prohibited.  In such cases the Pittsfield Police Department will be notified.

The use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc., in a vehicle will result in the same disciplinary action as pertains to such use in school.  In addition, the loss of driving privileges could result from using the above substances.

All vehicles on school property are subject to searches, including canine searches.

Upon arrival at school, students should lock their vehicles and enter school immediately.  Neither student drivers nor their friends should occupy a vehicle after is has been parked, (i.e., no loitering in vehicles before, after, or during school hours).  Student who walk to school or ride a bus to school are not permitted to be in the parking lot or in any vehicle before, after, or during school hours.

Reckless and/or careless driving on school grounds in prohibited.  In such cases the Pittsfield Township Police Department will be notified.  Please note:  Campus Parkway has two round-abouts and a vehicle in the round-about has the right-of-way.  Parking in assigned areas must be in appropriate rows as designated by the flow of traffic. 

Daily Class Schedule

1st hour:    7:50 -  9:01 AM  (71 minutes)
2nd hour:   9:07 -  10:18 AM  (71 minutes)
3rd hour:  10:24 - 11:35 AM  (71 minutes)
4th hour:  11:41 AM -1:27 PM
   A lunch---11:41 AM - 12:16 PM  (Class meets 12:16 -1:27 PM…71 minutes)
   B lunch---12:16 - 12:51 PM  (Class meets 11:41 AM-12:16 PM and 12:51-1:27 PM…71 min total)
   C lunch---12:52 - 1:27 PM    (Class meets 11:41 AM – 12:52 PM…71 minutes)
5th hour:  1:33 -2:44 (71 minutes)


Parents, please subscribe to Saline Area Schools email lists by providing your email address(es) to the Main Office of your student's school building for inclusion in their PowerSchool account.

Support Your Saline students through these organizations:


Saline Alive!

Saline Alive! is a community mental health group that is looking to continually improve the support that the Saline Area Schools, in partnership with the Saline Community, provide our students, parents, and community with regards to depression and mental health within our schools.  If you have any interest in supporting this group, please contact Saline High School Assistant Principal, at 734-401-4203.  Click here for resource information.

Saline High School PTO 

An independent organization of Saline High School Parents. Visit their website for more information.  All meetings will take place in the Saline High School Media Center from 7:00-8:00 pm on one Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.  See the Calendar on the High School Website.

Saline Hornets Booster Club

The Booster Club is composed primarily of a group of parents of High School athletes who are interested in supporting athletics at the High School. We do this in part by awarding yearly scholarships to four senior athletes whose parents are members of the Booster Club, and by donating our time or raising funds for athletic equipment or projects that fall outside the athletic department budget. The Booster Club meets the second Monday of each month, August though May, at 7:00 PM in the Saline High School Library.

Saline Music Parents

The mission of the Saline Music Parents organization is to enhance our schools' music programs and to support our music students & staff. The sole criterion for membership is that you have a child in the Saline schools music program. If your child is in any music class or ensemble in the Saline Area Schools, then you are officially a member of the Saline Music Parents organization!

Advisory Committees: see Instructional Services

Curriculum Committees allow parents to participate in the curriculum planning process. Provide valuable input from your perspective by participating in an advisory committee.


DROP OFF ITEMS:  If your student asks you to bring a forgotten item to school, be certain you instruct them to check at the front sign-in (attendance) desk as we cannot interrupt classes.

STUDENT SIGN IN AND SIGN OUT:  If your student needs to leave early, you must give them a note to be authorized by the Attendance Clerk.  The student then can give it to their teacher so they will be dismissed at the proper time. Once dismissed, the student must sign out at the first floor Attendance desk. This procedure eliminates phone calls to the office and interruptions to the classroom and teaching.  All students MUST sign in/out at the Attendance desk when arriving during school hours.  Otherwise they will be marked truant.

PHONE CALLS:  If your student needs to call you from school, they should ask the teacher for permission to come to the office to make the phone call.  Please remind them to leave a message if they are unable to reach you. Often, a parent’s phone will show that a call was made but no message was left. Remind your student that this can cause unnecessary concern and worry to you.

If you need to get a message to your student, please leave a message on their cell phone. Electronic devices are not allowed to be on and/or in use during the day in most classrooms (except during the lunch hours in the Commons Area and passing times) but students can check for messages after the school day has ended.  If you must call the school to contact your student, please do so as early as possible in the day so as to minimize classroom/teaching disruptions.

ABSENCE/TARDY:  If you need to report an absence or if your student will be late, the parent/guardian must call the SHS Attendance Line at 734-401-4387 and leave a message stating the student’s name, grade, reason for absence/tardy and the name and phone number of the caller. Failure to notify the SHS office within 72 hours of the absence will result in truancy (please refer to your SHS Student Handbook). For your convenience, the attendance line is available 24 hours a day.