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News Release: Lindsay Guenther Named Assistant Principal of Saline Middle School

Earlier this month, Superintendent Laatsch announced the hiring of the next Assistant Principal of Saline Middle School, Lindsay Guenther.

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Saline Area Schools Raises Pay For Substitutes

Saline Area Schools is proud to announce an increase in the rate of pay for our substitutes.

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SMS Science Olympiad Lake Braddock Competition
The SMS Science Olympiad team competed in the Lake Braddock Science Olympiad Competition on Saturday, December 12, 2020. This was a Nationwide competition with 91 schools participating.  
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2020/2021 YEARBOOKS Pick-UP TBA

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Saline Middle School Mission Statement:

At Saline Middle School, we believe that middle-level education must respect the unique developmental issues facing early adolescents. These students are experiencing multiple changes causing them to face many life-changing challenges. As educators, we feel it is our responsibility to educate the whole child, not just teaching information, but teaching life lessons that will assist them in becoming successful adults.